Mittwoch, 30. März 2011

Outfit of the day March 4

Hya i have something very special for you! Vroni proudly presents again a Leopardleggin with a high waist Jeans and a 'I love NY' -T-Shirt combined with a long wool Cardigan! wow that was a long sentence! :) hahaha^^ at last i decited to wear a metal chain in different lengths :) xxx vroni

Montag, 21. März 2011

TOTILAS - The Master

Just .. beautiful

ridden by Edward Gal (NED)2010

picures by google

Outfit of the day March 3

As you can see my third is something very 'wild' Dandy leo Look !
Let's begin with my make-up i put on a purple -berry lipstick and purple nailpolish!
(you can also wear red in combination but that doesn't look that good to a very red or pink skin colour like mine ;) )
The longer chain is by H&M -last season and the other one is private
My ring is also by H&M!
Watch : Fossil
My shirt is by Urban outfitters
THe Black jeans is .. well black .. and i don't really know where i got it from .. but i think you can find a simple black jeans everywhere! :)
The west is private too! :)
Noww ! Have fun by watching my other things !
xxx vroni

Bobby McFerrin - I've Got a Feeling


Dienstag, 15. März 2011

Outfit of the day March 2

Hey ya!
Today i chose a simple anthrazit coloured top combined with a light jacked in 'Leo' look ( both H&M)!
I wore a black jeggins and black Converses but i also think Doc Martens in black would look great!
my necklace is by H&M - Flower print
and my bracelet is from Accessorize but i bought it last sumer so it's an older collection!
Yess that's all .. hmm. hope y'all like it xxx vroni

Montag, 14. März 2011

Single Ladies by BEyonce and Justin Timberlake

Check out :


Outfit of the day March

Today i decited to wear a simple short black scird and a white/pink flower print top by H&M.
Over it all i wore a Olive/Black jacked.I also bought this cool little chain by H&M ,in these Pictures you can't see exactly that there are again flower in the middle of the amulett.
And last but not least i put on my 'gorgeus' ring again!
xxx vroni

Samstag, 12. März 2011

Do the D.A.N.C.E

D.A.N.C.E - Justice

I really like their music video .. think i'm gonna buy me some 'Motto T-Shirts' ..AAAAND of course i L.O.V.E This song it always gets stuck in my head so i have to sing it all along.. i just can't hide from it .. DO THE DANCE THE WAY YOU MOOVE IS A MISERYY!!! A lot lot lot of love xxx vroni

Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

Katy Perry (ACOUSTIC) on DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show

But you're not a man you're just a mannequin ... and understand that you're not a man

Dschungelkind Film Review

The movie Dschungelkind tells the story of a young girl who is supposed to live with her family in the dschungel since her childhood , because her father wants to learn the language of the native africans there.The Film bases on the book 'Dschungelkind' by Sabine Krueger.The movie is well done and very realistic.Although theres a lot of Jungle stuff i wasn't convinced because of his lenght (2 1/2 h) it was very hard to pay attention all of the time! Everybody who likes Jungelstuff is invented to go there, but honestly i won't go there a sceond time!
So have fun In the cinema ! With these words by by! xxx vroni

Montag, 7. März 2011

Von der skyline zum Bordstein zurück

Hat by H&M(2 eur.)
NIRVANA Short-Shirt by H&M (12 eur.)
Watch by Fossil (120 eur.)
Gorgeous-ring by H&M(5 eur.)
Türkis-ring by H&M (5 eur.)

'gorgeous' ring by H&M ca. 5 eur.
Starbucks breakfast .. was .. -as you can see- extremly good!
And all the Girls say i'm pretty fly for a white guy!

Sonntag, 6. März 2011

Day Trippin' - City Chic Munich

Just went to Munich .. here my latest accessoires

on the left :
  • Fake Türkis ring by H&M (ca. 5eur.)
  • Watch by Fossil (ca. 120 eur.)
on the right :
  • Forever Chain by Accessorize
Hope you liked them ... xxx vroni
PS: Don't forget to check
Pictures taken by SJM and VS

Freitag, 4. März 2011

Pictures by Google

CRAZY Colours - Nail Polish Review

Hey ya .. i just decited to make some nail art .. well that's not art(as you can see) but i like it eitherway!
The funky red-glitter-some kind of princess-polish is unfortunatly an old limited Edition by Manhattan Cosmetics,colour 301, but i'm sure you can find a colour like this, in every beauty shop.
I have to say that this colour is very very girly and when you put it on without black or sth. like that, you probably look like just out of kindergarden .. soo .. be careful! xxx vroni