Montag, 7. März 2011

Hat by H&M(2 eur.)
NIRVANA Short-Shirt by H&M (12 eur.)
Watch by Fossil (120 eur.)
Gorgeous-ring by H&M(5 eur.)
Türkis-ring by H&M (5 eur.)


  1. Hello can you send me the link of a website where i can buy th nirvana t-shirt?

    send me the link for or a tweet for!/furtad0catarina

  2. hello I am Catarina and I'm from Portugal. I love this Nirvana t-shirt [] that you got. I want to buy it but in internet I don´t find it in anywhere :/
    I thought about asking someone to buy one for me and then put the t-shirt on ebay and I buy it for the original price, but afraid to go wrong. But tell me one thing, the t-shirt still avalable on H&M Stores? It's because the I don't find the t-shirt on H&M's website
    if you know a website where I can buy it please send an email for or a tweet for!/furtad0catarina

    thank you