Montag, 21. März 2011

Outfit of the day March 3

As you can see my third is something very 'wild' Dandy leo Look !
Let's begin with my make-up i put on a purple -berry lipstick and purple nailpolish!
(you can also wear red in combination but that doesn't look that good to a very red or pink skin colour like mine ;) )
The longer chain is by H&M -last season and the other one is private
My ring is also by H&M!
Watch : Fossil
My shirt is by Urban outfitters
THe Black jeans is .. well black .. and i don't really know where i got it from .. but i think you can find a simple black jeans everywhere! :)
The west is private too! :)
Noww ! Have fun by watching my other things !
xxx vroni

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